22 March 2012

DMP Template

The DATUM in Action project developed a customised data management plan (DMP). Initially we used the DATUM for Health DMP template which was developed from the DCC’s template (DCC Checklist for a Data Management Plan Post-Consultation (v2.2: 6th January 2010) https://dmponline.dcc.ac.uk/documents). However, feedback from the EU researchers, after they tried to complete this, showed that we had to radically alter the design. In summary this new approach was based on 3 main themes:

(1) to focus on the researcher and what is needed to help them conduct their research project on a day by day basis. The focus has moved away from data curation of shared data after project completion.

(2) to reduce bureaucracy, i.e. DMP lite. The front pages of the DMP enable the researcher to select the sections that are currently applicable to them and ignore the rest. Additionally, to reduce duplicating information held in other systems/documents the researcher is just asked to give the location of the relevant document (either a folder on a computer drive or a physical location for paper-based items).

(3) to embed decisions and actions so the DMP becomes a living document for the duration of the project.

The DMP template has been posted on the project website:

Guidance for completing the DMP is currently being written and will be posted on the project website. 

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